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A couple of weeks ago I posted pictures of a pleated skirt I have made, and a pair of matching hair-pins. As promised, I will now show my method for the making of those cute accessories. Although it’s a simple idea, just a button glued on a hair-pin, I find it very smart. Quick and easy, a good way of using up those small and lovely fabric scraps. Perfect for girls-of-any-age-last-minute-gift, and to make your exclusive fashion accessory!

This is what you’ll need:

mollettina bottone occorrente
Pliers or pincers; button to cover; a circle of fabric, bigger than the button (my button was 23mm, the fabric circle 45); a circle of felt, just slightly smaller than the button ‘lid’ (you can trace the circle using the lid itself as a pattern, then cut just inside the line); needle and thread; an hairpin with a flat support; strong glue; a clothespin.

Now, for the making:

Hairpin step 1Hairpin-step-2-e-31) with the help of the pincers, remove the loop from the lid; 2-3) stich around the fabric circle and put the button in the middle, face down;

Hairpin step 4Hairpin step 54) pull the thread and wrap the fabric around the button; 5) while holding the thread, put the lid on the button;

Hairpin step 6Hairpin step 7

6) press the lid down and cut the thread. If you are using a light-weight fabric, you can just press with your fingers. If the fabric is thick, you will probably need a tool, to help pressing down evenly (a cork, or something like that). Sometimes those buttons come in a kit with a specific tool to make them. That’s probably handier, but not strictly necessary in this case; 7) glue the felt onto the lid;

Hairpin-step-8Hairpin-step-98) glue the hair-pin onto the felt; 9) hold together with the clothespin; let it dry overnight. I have protected the fabric with another piece of felt, between the button and the clothespin, to avoid marks.

That’s all. I made two at the same time:


Of course, you can glue to a pin any nice button, as long as the loop can be removed or cut out (be careful with that, don’t hurt yourself.. and always work away – or protect – your face and eyes!); or a flat button; or any nice object with a flat back, actually!

I made this with a beautiful button I was given by a friend:

hairpin-bottone gioielloHave fun! Bye!