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I have an insane passion for socks! I especially love the striped ones, but other patterns are ok too. I own many of them and it never seems to be enough!

I love my socks so much that, even when they are old and worn-out, I don’t want to throw them away.

A while ago, while browsing on Pinterest, I came across the fantastic tutorial made by Jayme of Rawr Creatures”: how to make a sock teddy bear!  I love her site. Please take a look at her creatures, they are amazing! Probably she likes socks as much as I do!

Of course, I immediately started making sock teddy bears.  I made a few of them and gave them away as gifts. Each of them has now a special place in the house, and in the heart, of some of my friends. That happened before my blog was born. Perhaps one day I will post something about my teddy bears around the world!

This week I was again browsing across the web and I bumped into “Craftpassion”. Again: how to make stuffed animals out of socks. In this case, bunnies! As Easter is approaching,  the crafting fever made me drop any other activity and start my Old-Socks-Easter-Bunny-Project!

The suggestions from the above mentioned sources combined with the previous experience with the teddy bears resulted in this:

Coniglietti di Pasqua calzini

I have now three new friends! Aren’t they cute?

Do you want to give it a try?

As there are such good and complete tutorials already online – see above – I only want to give here a quick impression on how I have cut the socks to make my own bunnies.

Taglio calzinoLeft picture: the sock is inside out, already cut. The foot and the heel will become the head, and the leg of the sock will become the body+legs of the bunny. The arms are cut out from the second sock.

The rest is only sewing on the wrong side (by hand or with your sewing machine), turn it on the right side and stuff it with some soft material. Because I am impatient and wanted to finish my bunnies the same day, I have decided to sacrifice a pillow for that. But you don’t have to…you can buy some at any craft-store! When you are done, sew the parts together and give your creature a life by adding eyes, nose and accessories.

Calzino tagliato e cucito

Right picture: all the parts have been sewn and turned right side out. Ready to be stuffed.




This is the magic part of the whole project: add buttons, a little embroidered nose, a scarf and suddenly you’ll have your new best friend in front of you!

Coniglietto Pallino close up

If you are planning to give the bunny to a baby, then maybe skip the buttons and find some other solution for the eyes (embroidery?). Babies love to eat their toys and buttons can be harmful in case they come off.

Do you also love socks? Do you know any other way of re-cycling, up-cycling,-re-using them? Let me know!

And, if you happen to make a bunny or some other animal, I’d love to see them!

Happy Easter!

Buona Pasqua

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