Natale :decorazioni in pasta di sale e un tributo all’arte del crochet (clicca qui per leggere l’articolo in Italiano)

Sinterklaas-2014-pakjesavond When I was still living in Italy, I always started decorating the house for Christmas around these days, but here in Holland they celebrate Sinterklaas, or Sint Nicolaas, on the evening of December 5th. Therefore, I have to start a bit earlier!

I started working at my own Christmas tree a couple of weekends ago.


I already had some branches, so I just filled a planter with sand and sticked them in to it.  Then, I started hanging my decorations. Albero-di-natale-2014-2I’d like to be able to say that I made the crocheted decorations myself, but that’s not the case. I can’t really crochet, but I would love to learn!They were made by an unknown crochet-artist and I have found them in a second-hand shop.They smelled like they had been sitting in a basement for I don’t know how long and they were quite dusty. But I bought them nevertheless, as they looked to me like real treasure! I had to wash them thoroughly, so the colours faded a bit, but they still look so beautiful. In the bag I have also found some hand written notes, suggesting they were meant as Christmas decorations. I want to dedicate my Christmas tree to the very talented person who made them…

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Albero-di-natale-2014-decorazioni-crochet-11 Albero-di-natale-2014-decorazioni-crochet-4Albero-di-natale-2014-decorazioni-crochet-3I enjoyed making myself the little salt dough hearts and stars.


This was the first time I experimented salt dough and I found it easy to make and fun to play with! It is also super-cheap.

Albero-di-natale-2014-decorazioni-pasta-di-sale-2You only need:

2 cups of flour; 1 cup of salt; 1 cup of water

At least, this is the recipe that worked for me. I tried first with equal amount of flour and salt and half of water, like suggested in most of the recipes I found online. But the dough was stiff and easy to break, in my opinion.

I’d recommend to add the water little by little and keep mixing with your hands. That way you will have more control over the texture. You should obtain a compact, soft and not-sticky dough, that you can easily work with.


I have just rolled my dough flat and cut it with mini cookies cutters, made the holes with a wooden stick and allowed to dry (next to the heater for a day, then in the oven at the lowest temperature, until completely hard).










I  made lots of them and used some also to decorate my wrapped presents.

Talking about that…what have we got for Sinterklaas, this year?

Well: chocolate letters (the initials of our names, as it is tradition), my favourite spiced cookies: speculaas and pepernoten (I hope to be able to post a recipe sometime soon), and other little lovely things: herbal tea, warm socks (never enough!), books…I am grateful for all of them.

In the next post I will show you the present I loved the most, as I want to use it to make more Christmas decorations! see you soon…



2 commenti il Christmas decorations: salt dough and a tribute to the art of crochet

  1. Ormai i tuoi post li riconosco da lontano….
    Voglio dire che se anche non scrivevi niente , riconoscevo ugualmente il tuo stile!
    Veramente bello l’albero come lo hai fatto tu!
    Ciao, ma ci “sentiamo” ancora prima di Natale, no?

    • Oh, mi fa piacere sapere di avere uno stile riconoscibile!
      Certo che ci sentiamo prima e per Natale, via blog(s) ma anche dal vivo, perché vengo a casa.
      Quindi: grazie per essere sempre presente con i tuoi bei commenti e a prestissimo! Un bacio.

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