Violet SkirtThis blog was born from the urge of communicating with other people and sharing my interests. And, also, to celebrate a new beginning.

Sewing is my passion.

My grandmother was very good at it. I remember how she used to make cute colorful dresses for me. I discovered this art late, in adult life. I always used to hand-craft, though. Since I was a child I loved to experiment with all kind of materials and tecniques. My rooms and drawers have always been full of supplies and I collected objects of all kind, waiting to be given a second life and to become part of a new creative project.

For long time I thought that ideas, dreams and fantasies were unrelated to “Real Life”. For some reason, I didn’t believe that imagination could be a guideline for us to build our own reality.

That’s probably why, even when I realized how much I liked sewing, I kept on doing other things. I have been following difficult and painful paths, mostly listening to my fears and insecurity, listening to other people voices, looking for approval. Somehow, I managed to ‘get out of my depth’:  I had been swimming too far out from the coastline. The water had become cold and dark. I feared I would drown but, luckily, my fear made me turn my face towards the coast again.

Then I began to sew again. I had to start from scratch; sewing in a straight line, making very simple things (thus, the title of this blog: “Punto Dritto’ in Italian means a “straight stitch”). That helped me to calm my thoughts. On the way, I have discovered creative sewing and the freedom of making beautiful things based on a few simple techniques and pure inspiration! That really gave me the confidence I needed. Stroke by stroke, stitch by stitch, I am getting back to my own place, inshore. I am learning how to enjoy and celebrate the little good things in everyday life. Most importantly, some sewing gets done regularly.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will enjoy the visit.

A note about language: I am Italian, and I live in Holland. There is a crazy combination of three languages in my life. I will write my posts in my native language, because that’s the only way for me to completely express myself, but I will do my best to post an English version too. My apologies to the Dutch friends: a three languages blog would be just too much work! And, let’s be honest, my Dutch isn’t that great! My English isn’t perfect either, but I hope you will understand. If there’s anything that looks interesting to you, but there is no translation, feel free to contact me (through the contact page), and I will tell you-in English- what it is all about.

Comments are welcome in all three languages. I’d love to hear from you!